Monday, February 21, 2011

RSA is over, e-DMZ Security joins Quest


The 20th RSA Conference is over. Once again it was 5 whirl-wind days of press and analyst briefings, customer dinners and meetings, business development and trying to take in as many of the delights of San Francisco as possible. We had a great turnout for our cocktail reception and excellent booth traffic. Note to self: We need a banner or something of the like so people can find us easier in the sea of booths.

There were a number of companies that debuted last year at RSA and were absent this year – a definite case of here today, gone tomorrow. The Novell booth was scaled back to a 10x20 – same size as Quest. A few new companies that had some interesting stuff:

- Digital Persona: They have built a delivery vehicle for SaaS applications in the cloud. A centrally-managed console that enables a company to deliver a wide variety of cloud-hosted applications to a client computer. They were showing this off in conjunction with HP and delivering centralized management, access recovery, two-factor authentication, enterprise single sign-on, full-disk encryption and secure communications to HP computers and servers. There’s lots of potential for this – especially in the SMB (small-medium business) space.

- PasswordBank: This Spanish company has an innovative way to do enterprise single sign-on to on-premise and off-premise (cloud) applications.

I did a quick interview along with Kris Zupan of e-DMZ Security while we were at the RSA Conference in San Francisco last week. You can see it below. Don’t be surprised with how excited I am about this acquisition. I have to say it was fun ribbing my friend Rik Weeks over at Cyber-Ark about the acquisition. Rik, the offer is still on the table if you guys would like to resell the e-DMZ suite...

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