Thursday, February 24, 2011

Extending Unix Command Control with Sudo 1.8

At the Southern California Linux Exposition (SCALE) conference this Sunday, Quest Software will be participating in this presentation with Todd Miller who is the Sudo open-source project maintainer. Here’s a copy of the abstract:
Sudo is used by millions of Linux/Unix users to delegate access to users to run Unix commands as root or another privileged user. Come listen to the Sudo Project Maintainer, Todd Miller, talk about relevance of Sudo in environments seeking to adhere to modern access control requirements. Todd will introduce the next major release of Sudo, and highlight important new “pluggablity” features that allows developers to add policy check, and keystroke logging functionality to Sudo 1.8. Also, learn from a real-world case study where developers from Quest Software have written Sudo 1.8 Plugins to allow Sudo 1.8 users to access important management and auditing functionality from a free version of their commercial product.
I really believe that the work that Todd has done to implement the capability to plug 3rd party extensions into sudo is going to significantly change the way privilege management is handled on the Unix and Linux systems that support sudo. Finally customers will be able to manage their sudo policy files easier and extend sudo to support important security enhancements like keystroke logging and enhanced auditing.

Matt Peterson from Quest Software will be on-hand - and co-presenting - to discuss how Quest Software has developed Sudo 1.8 plugins that provide new Unix Command Control functionality for enterprise Unix/Linux users. If you are attending SCALE and have an interest in sudo please come to this session.

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