Monday, November 15, 2010

Gartner: Transforming IAM–The New Business Intelligence Connection

by Bill Hostmann, Gartner. Live blogging from Gartner’s IAM conference in San Diego

Bill’s keynote followed the conference kick-off by Earl Perkins and Ray Wagner. As Earl and Ray mentioned this is the 5th Gartner IAM show and it is getting better year after year.

- BI initiatives in organizations are at the top of business investment these days.

- BI helps to increase the level of business impact that the (IAM) information has.

- City of Richmond, VA: Made groundbreaking decisions by including social networking as part of the crime analysis. They had bad assumptions like Christmas being the day of least criminal activity. Turns out it was really Superbowl Sunday.

- Moving  IAM from traditional operational efficiency to strategic business transformation and from lowering TCO to higher business agility and scale are key things to really up-level IAM with CIOs and other senior staff at your company. How many business value discussions have you had around IAM where you can show or demonstrate how you will increase the organization’s revenue? This is extremely important.

- You have to align the deciders, the thinkers and the engineers around any of these BI initiatives to maximize IT and business value.

- You start with key performance indicators (KPI) and take a solution architecture approach to maximize business value.
- “Actual business impact” is what you are driving for. Much more impactful than “actual IT impact”, eh?!

- Only about 10% of companies have a BI architect, unfortunately. Companies should consider a BI competency center as part of program management.

I do believe that BI has the capability to transform the value of IAM in the future and to truly make it relevant to the business. It’s going to be a bit of tough road both for the vendors and for the IT folks. Crossing the chasm from IT value to business value using BI as the bridge is going to take new skills all around…

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