Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Voelcker ActiveEntry continues to impress me!


I’m sitting here in the Quest Chicago offices with a bunch of our identity specialists getting some advanced training on ActiveEntry. I continue to be impressed by this product. This is a screen shot of the out-of-the-box dashboard that is showing a pie-chart of external and internal employees that this manager is managing along with a traffic light that signifies if any of his employees are locked-out. The dashboard can be customized by simply be enabling or disabling the various reports that are available to you. Some of those default reports that can be included in the dashboard are:
  • Accounts without requests
  • Blocked employees with enabled accounts
  • Employees by status
  • New rule violations by department
  • Pending requests by department
  • Rule violations by department
  • Top 10 entitlements with members by department
  • Top 10 roles with members by department
 All of this is available at installation. No programming. No consulting. No effort. No sweat.

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