Thursday, July 29, 2010

Simplifying Unix User Management and Lifecycle

You can tell when I get super busy with my day job as my blog posts slow down. In fact, I’ve been so busy and traveling so much that I had to miss the Cloud Identity Summit last week – which I really wanted to attend – and I skipped The Burton Group Catalyst conference this week. However, I did get a picture of our Catalyst hospitality suite sent to me. It was Sinatra themed – check it out:

Earlier this week Quest announced the release of Quest Unix Identity Manager. This is a new product for us and congratulations to the team that worked on QIMU. They really did a tremendous job. QIMU is a Java-based application that works from any browser and enables a Unix administrator to discover Unix servers and manage the user (/etc/passwd) and group (/etc/group) files on all the discovered machines. The best part is that QIMU is free. You can download it from or any of the popular shareware or freeware sites that are available on the internet. QIMU is also the new administration console for Quest Authentication Services 4.0. The only difference is with QAS 4.0 there are additional screens or functions that are enabled.

So whether you use QIMU just for Unix user lifecycle management – for free – or to help manage your Active Directory integrated users via QAS 4.0 I hope you find QIMU useful.

Let me know what you think of QIMU!

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