Monday, July 12, 2010

Quest Software acquires Voelcker Informatik AG a leading identity management company based in Germany

I’m really pleased to pass on this news to everyone! We’ve been working very closely with Eckhard Völcker and his team in Germany for quite some time now and I’m really proud to announce that he and his team have agreed to join up with Quest and to help further our foray into the identity and access management market.

Voelcker’s ActiveEntry product simplifies identity management and compliance for large organizations through its comprehensive, solutions that include:
  • Identity Management
  • IT Compliance Automation
  • IT Service Delivery
The fact that ActiveEntry is more than a provisioning or identity management product is one of the key attractions to this solution from my perspective. Another key attribute to ActiveEntry that I like is the fact that it is such a dynamic and easy-to-use product compared to many of the other frameworks that are available today. It has been German-engineered to be easy to integrate with and already supports integrated modules like its "IT Shopping Cart". This is extremely important to Quest. We already have a robust identity and access management portfolio of products and being able to integrate those products into the ActiveEntry platform will be very important and a key work item for us moving forward.

This is an exciting time! We'll be disclosing our road map plans and more details on product integration and direction later next month. As things progress I'll continue to blog what I can so stay tuned.

Once again, I'd like to welcome all the people at Voelcker Informatik to the Quest family!

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