Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Consolidation in the privileged account management space?

As you know, I’m at TechEd 2010 here in New Orleans. If you’ve followed any of my Facebook posts I won’t bore you with how hot it is here – and it’s not really even the height of summer yet. My glasses fog up whenever I step outdoors. Last night I was at the reception in the exhibit hall and I spent a few minutes talking with the folks at Avecto – thanks for your time guys! An Avecto press release caught my eye about these guys and it got me to thinking. Here’s the digest:
  • Avecto Announce Strategic Partnership with Cyber-Ark Software: “…joint customers benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive solution for securing, managing and tracking all privileged and administrative activities across an organization’s entire infrastructure, from Windows desktops and laptops, to servers, databases, hypervisors, network devices and any other system within the organization.”
What is interesting here is the fact that Cyber-Ark – who I acknowledge as the leader in this space – is partnering with Avecto. First, I think it’s cool whenever vendors get together to try to work together. Second, what I find especially interesting is the fact that there’s a market for this partnership. Clearly, Avecto has something that Cyber-Ark doesn’t and vice-versa. Further, the market is obviously asking for a combined solution which, I believe, led to this partnership. Is this the first sign of consolidation in the privileged account management space? I think so. And, as I have said before, I think we’ll be seeing more of this in 2010.

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