Sunday, May 02, 2010

Number of iPads sold: 1,366,675

That’s what it said over at Chitika Labs when I wrote this at 5:21AM Munich time. How do they do that you ask? It’s explained here and below:
  • We count how many new, unique iPads we see coming through the Chitika advertising network
  • We multiply that by how much of the Internet we see at any given time to figure out how many iPads in total are out there
  • We  look at where iPad traffic is coming from by state
An interesting stat is the 20% of all iPads have been sold in California.

I know one could argue how accurate Chitika’s numbers are but the fact of the matter is that without Apple’s direct comments on number of units sold this is one of the few real metrics I’ve seen out there and in the absence of other metrics this becomes the metric. Let's see what happens in a few days when the iPad 3G starts to ship!

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