Tuesday, May 04, 2010

European Identity Conference - Hot Topics for 2010

Below is a list of key topics that Martin Kuppinger listed today in his keynote. Many of the conference topics will center around these topics but it is also a good list of topics that they will be covering throughout 2010 as part of their research…

Key Topics 2010 – by Martin Kuppinger
  • How to create value by the Cloud
  • How to deal with privacy
  • How to reach enterprise GRC maturity
  • How to benefit from convergence
  • How to optimize your investments
  • How to improve information security
Five Hot Topics in IAM
  1. User-centric, Privacy, national eID cards
  2. Privileged Access Management – integrated
  3. Versatility and Context
  4. Externalization of all 4 A’s
  5. IAM in enterprise architectures
Five Hot Topics in GRC
  1. Closing the loop – from detective to preventive controls
  2. Information governance – beyond access
  3. Extending governance for a hybrid IT
  4. Enterprise GRC architectures – bridging the gap between business and IT
  5. Organizational development for enterprise GRC
Five Hot Topics in Cloud Computing
  1. Understand what’s really in it for you in cloud computing
  2. Hybrid clouds
  3. Cloud mesh-ups, community clouds, industry clouds
  4. Cloud governance – services, risks, security and identity
  5. Cloud resource planning based on service management

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