Saturday, April 03, 2010

iPad tsunami is now on the way…

So today people started drooling, walking into street lights and generally bumping into people and buildings while looking at their new iPads. There’s lots of new coverage of folks waiting in lines and all the general hub-bub we see for significant new product launches. While I was trolling the news today I came across this article which caused me to drool over my Apple stock. If this could be true:

iPad Sales to Hit 7 Million in 2010 and Triple by 2012 

Then I practically coughed my early morrning coffee all over my LCD screen when I read this: “iSuppli regards its iPad sales forecast as conservative.”

With Netflix streaming, ABC and nearly 1,400 apps ready to go today I can see the water receding. It’s not just low tide. The iPad tsunami is on the way!

P.S. Even the White House web site is now iPad-ready:

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