Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Extend your Corporate Active Directory Boundary to your Blackberry! #WES2010

Do you use a Blackberry? Will you or someone from your company attending Blackberry’s WES2010 conference? If so, please let them know that our own Jason Fehrenbach will be speaking at this event in Orlando, FL at the end of this month (Apr 27-29). Details on Jason’s session “WA21 – Extending Your Corporate Network Boundaries with Confidence” - are below. Jason will be co-presenting with Chris Johnson from RIM.

Session Title: Extending Your Corporate Network Boundaries with Confidence

Abstract: This session provides an understanding of how single sign on for the BlackBerry® smartphone will enable your enterprise to securely extend your corporate network boundaries. This feature enables users to access corporate applications securely without having to repeatedly enter credentials on their device. We’ll cover integrating the BlackBerry platform with a Single Sign On in the Active Directory, deployment methods and more.

Key Takeaways for Attendees:
· Learn how to connect to the corporate network wirelessly on the BlackBerry smartphone with security and ease
· See features that make this easy to deploy
· Find out how your enterprise can do more, securely

If you’re interested in how to extend Active Directory to your Blackberry and what benefits that will bring you and your company be sure to attend this session.

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