Friday, February 26, 2010

Quest SaaS beta testers needed

Quest has launched its first two Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in beta. These new solutions, called Quest OnDemand, securely provide Windows management services on a pay as you go basis without requiring on-premises deployment or maintenance. Designed to ensure 24 x 7 availability, Quest OnDemand solutions ensure reliable security of your organization's confidential data while reducing the storage footprint on your network.  Register to participate in the beta today at

Our OnDemand solutions are designed to remove many of the barriers that prevent mid-market organizations from adopting on-premises software. For example, OnDemand solutions require:

• No lengthy downloads
• No extensive setup and configuration
• No onsite hardware
• No need to maintain, monitor and patch the software

The two solutions are:

Recovery Manager OnDemand for Active Directory provides backup and object-level recovery of Active Directory data. It is designed to enable flexible, scheduled backups without manual intervention, facilitating quick and scalable recovery of Active Directory data.

InTrust OnDemand securely collects, stores, reports, and alerts on event data from Windows systems, helping organizations comply with external regulations, internal policies and security best practices.

We can certainly use the help testing these new services out so please register for the beta if you’re interested!

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