Monday, February 22, 2010

The Experts Conference 2010

More Directory & Identity MVPs and Hands-On Training Sessions than Any Conference in 2010
The Experts Conference (TEC) 2010 will have 28 sessions focused on Microsoft Directory & Identity technologies, led by some of the world’s leading gurus and MVPs. With a packed agenda, there will be several points throughout the three-day conference when every room will have identity focused sessions all at once! Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about the amount of knowledge we'll have for all of our delegates and can't wait to get into these session myself. I've picked out some of the ones I know I'm not going to miss, but it was hard to narrow it all down. Folks can get a full list of session online at, but here are my picks so far:

  • Brian Puhl, an architect from Microsoft who worked on the AD team and has been working on MSIT's own identity projects, shares how the Microsoft IT IDM team has been leading through the adoption of Online Services (such as Exchange), integration with Live ID applications, and the mass migration of internal LOB applications to Windows Azure, while trying to maintain their sanity and security.
  • Dmitri Gavrilov, a senior developer from Microsoft and one of ADAM's original creators, will touch on rarely discussed areas of ADAM personality, such as user proxies, bindable objects, the minimalistic schema, password policies, and the life without GCs.
  • Einar Mykletum, Quest's own security guru, will dive into security concerns holding back cloud computing, concerns specific to Azure, what concerns are just perceptions and how to design for real security concerns. He'll also investigate whether we can gain security by applications for Windows Azure.
  • Kevin Kampman, senior analyst for Burton Group Identity and Privacy Strategies covering identity and role management, directory services, provisioning, and electronic commerce, will provide insight and recommendations enabling you to overcome the difficulties bridging the gap between technology and business value in identity and articulate the value of identity in today's dynamic environment.
  • Laura Hunter, a 15 year identity veteran and Microsoft Certified Master in Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, shares a collection of tips and tricks for troubleshooting Microsoft's federation technology and its underlying components gleaned from untold hours of PKI and AD FS experience in the field.
  • Danny Kim, CTO at FullArmor, a Microsoft MVP and recognized industry expert on Windows Group Policy, Active Directory, and PowerShell, will cover a cloud computing case study of an identity implementation using Microsoft's Windows Identity Framework ("Geneva") that addresses both the consumer case in an emerging market and the corporate scenario in an on-premise cloud. It will show the simplified computing model for developing identity services that is claims based, cloud agnostic and Active Directory integrated.
Make sure you spread the word to anyone who you know that's interested in identity. This should be a great set of sessions this year. TEC 2010 for Directory & Identity takes place April 25-28, in Los Angeles. Register today!

P.S. Yes, I'll be there too!  

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