Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Windows Access Rights Explained

Fellow blogger Matt Flynn has published a white paper titled “Expert Insight on Windows Access Rights” which I managed to read yesterday. Matt gives a great overview of Windows  Access Rights, how they are granted and, most importantly, how they are evaluated by the operating system. If you feel your knowledge of Windows Access Rights is a bit weak or you need a refresher on this topic I’d suggest reading Matt’s paper. It’s only 8 pages long but Matt packs a lot of great information in those pages…

If you think you know who has access to files by looking at the security tab, you’re dead wrong. Access to Windows file system resources is controlled via a complex web of interwoven components. And in most cases, users manage permissions on their own files and folders making centralized access management extremely difficult to achieve and audit of access rights near impossible without help. In this paper, we break down the elements that combine to control access to files on shared Windows network resources.

As Matt says, the Windows file system is complicated!



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