Friday, December 18, 2009

Cool features in the latest Release of Quest Password Manager

My thanks to our Moscow development lab in getting out the latest release of Quest Password Manager (V4.6 which is available at our website here). I also want to thank our development lab in Horton (UK) for their help with this release because it marks another great area of product integration between a Quest product (Password Manager) and a former PassGo product (Defender). For those that have been following my blog for a while you'll remember that we acquired PassGo two years ago. Stuart Harrison who is the product manager for QPM has blogged about the release and features already so I won’t re-hash them all other than the specific product integration work that has happened with Quest Defender.

The integration with Quest Defender adds a twist to traditional password reset products like QPM. Most password reset products have the capability of storing a number of question and answer responses that an end-user must correctly enter in order to reset their password. By integrating with Quest Defender it is now possible for a company to protect the registration, or initial entry, of those answers by requiring an end-user to verify their identity via their Defender one-time-password. In addition, if Quest Defender is installed it is possible to totally bypass the question and answer procedure by simply having the end-user verify their identity via their Defender one-time-password and letting them reset their password. After all, Defender is proving a stronger authentication than simply being able to answer some questions.

We are not done with integration between these two products yet. I would like to see integration the other way so that a customer who has both products installed could use the QPM questions and answers as a means of verifying someone’s identity when they call the helpdesk to have their Defender pin-code reset. After all, the users have all registered this information already so why not leverage it within other products?


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