Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quest wins Active Directory Partner of the Year!

Yes, we did! Congrats to everyone at Quest! Here's what Microsoft posted on the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 awards page:
Quest Software offers a suite of solutions that enables migration to Active Directory service from competing platforms, and delivers directory consolidation by extending Active Directory into heterogeneous IT environments. The suite also provides compliance by compiling an audit of system access events and secure dual-factor authentication through one-time password tokens, and creates a single sign-on solution using Active Directory. Quest implemented its solution, replacing a competing platform, to deliver dual-factor authentication of remote users at a lower cost and with zero impact to users. Seamless collaboration across Quest, Microsoft, and a key systems integrator partner enabled the Active Directory migration to be completed quickly and with no system downtime. Quest Software solutions have enhanced thousands of enterprise Active Directory environments, including Dell, Movado, Siemens, ADT, and Shell.

Finalist: Centrify, United States

Finalist: Likewise Software, United States
Update: More from Microsoft here.

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