Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Martin's top 10 IAM trends for 2009...

Martin Kuppinger's "top 10 trends for 2009". Not sure if this was in reverse order or not but you get the idea...
  • GRC as the business control layer of IAM
  • Growing maturity of Identity 2.0 approaches
  • Multi-purpose (smart)cards gain momentum
  • Context and versatility becoming reality - re: authorization
  • More IAM and GRC for the cloud. (Adoption of cloud services is held back by the immaturity of IAM and GRC for the cloud)
  • Portable identity information for social networks.
  • GRC going beyond IAM. (attestation, access controls)
  • First impacts of new electronic passports/ID cards. (Not in the US, eh?!)
  • Increasing service orientation in IAM and GRC.
  • Privacy is back - and there are more solutions.

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