Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I believe we did TEC justice

I've spent the last couple of days talking to many customers here at TEC. My typical questions are:
  • Are you a first time attendee?
  • What did you like?
  • What didn't you like?
  • And, if the customer had attended before: Did they feel that the change to Quest was good, bad or not noticeable?
All in all, customers were happy. I don't want to start clapping myself on the shoulder - it really isn't my doing anyway. I felt (and still feel) that as long as Gil and Christine are happy then I am happy - and they seem happy. The customers seem happy with the transition so I am happy.

We've got another day to go and I've got more meetings to attend, but I'm positive that Quest has done the right thing with TEC by just letting the "experts" - pardon the pun - do their thing.

p.s. Just happened to see this blog post by Michael Ostermann a few minutes after I posted this one that parallels what I have been hearing.

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1 comment:

runCMD said...

Overall - I would say I enjoyed the conference. With IT budgets tight - I paid my own way out and feel I made my money back on day 1. I kept wondering why the Quest PM's that were babysitting the sessions looked like they were on thorazine. Rather than looking like a part of the conference - to me at least - they came off as peripheral to the conversation. I don't think that was the right approach - but hey, I don't get paid to think. You missed an excellent opportunity here - even if the overall event was a success.
Gil sat in on one of the sessions I attended and stopped the speaker mid-way through because the presentation seemed little more than a pitch for Novel products. Gil said that is not what TEC was supposed to be about and we ended up in a very beneficial group discussion. The objection was funny to me - though, in that 90 percent of the conference session I attended pimped Microsoft ILMv2.
No mention of Quest offerings - no big, in your face panels - showing how robust your product offering is. It was good to see the ususal suspects from Quest running loose in the event - it was disconcerting to see them so .... sedate.