Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New release of Quest Privilege Manager for Unix

Today, we released the 5.5 version of Quest's Privilege Manager for Unix product. This is one of the products that we acquired through the PassGo acquisition last year. Not only have the guys done a great job of integrating this product with Quest Authentication Services over the last year but they've done an awesome job innovating new reporting tools. Here's an example of some of the cool work that has been done around predictive and trend analysis within the Privilege Manager product:

Some of the other work that was accomplished in this 5.5 release includes...

New failover and load balancing

  • Failover enables Privilege Manager to switch over automatically to a standby server if the active server becomes unavailable. Failover is transparent to the user and ensures a high degree of availability and reliability.
  • Load balancing enables Privilege Manager to spread the workload between two or more servers, in order to achieve optimal resource utilization and increased reliability.

New reporting console - to enable analysis of Privilege Manager information for reporting and identification of trends and anomalies.

Improved and extended documentation - The Privilege Manager documentation has been supplemented by a number of new guides designed to facilitate new installations and provide a better reference for existing installations. New books include a Quick Start, A to Z Reference Guide and an Introduction to Policy Scripting.

Integration with Defender - Privilege Manager can take advantage of the benefits of supplementary two-factor authentication through integration with Quest’s Defender product.

Integration with Intrust - Privilege Manager event log integration with the Quest InTrust product.

LDAP policy queries - Privilege Manager policies can now support LDAP queries, allowing integration with existing Identity Management Systems.

Policy script conversion - a range of conversion utilities is now available to help support migration of policy files from other tools, e.g. sudo.

Enhanced pmksh shell and support for additional shells:

  • pmsh - a Privilege Manager enabled version of bourne shell
  • pmcsh - a Privilege Manager enabled version of c shell.
If you're already a Quest Privilege Manager customer you'll soon be notified about the upgrade.

There's a great whiteboard session on this product available, too. In fact, we have a bunch of great whiteboard sessions related to our identity management products that you can check out here:


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