Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What does "enterprise" really mean?

I recently received an email from a vendor titled "Why Single Sign-on Isn't the Answer" - Here's the text of the email...
Dear Jackson - Our press release below discusses three reasons "Why Single Sign-On Isn't the Answer."

1.) Expensive, time-consuming implementation.
2.) Single point of attack.
3.) Issues with partner sites.

RoboForm Enterprise increases corporate security and improves your end users' work flow and productivity, all while decreasing overall IT costs.

Find out why RoboForm Enterprise is "Better than SSO."

I'd be happy to answer any questions about customization, deployment, or pricing. We are here to help.

Of course, I had a question. Where do they store all of the single sign-on information? The answer: In a secure "wallet" stored on the user's hard drive. So the real question in my mind is whether or not this product is really an "enterprise" product if it doesn't support a directory? Or, is it just a product that a bunch of users can use in an enterprise?

In my opinion, it's not an enterprise product unless it supports a directory. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...


I agree. To be an enterprise solution, it would have to support some central store, and LDAP seems the easiest choice.

Don't most eSSO products include the ability to store a local wallet on the user's hard drive?