Friday, October 10, 2008

New Defender5 case study - RSA switch

One of our customers - The Longaberger Company - has switched off of RSA's SecurID infrastructure on to Quest's Defender5. Why? Because of our integration with Active Directory and the Windows platform...
“With RSA SecurID®, our previous solution, we had to have a separate administrator manage the system. Since Defender integrated so nicely with Active Directory our AD administrators now support two-factor authentication as part of the responsibilities. The added functionality that integrating with AD provided, coupled with the cost savings of Defender enabled us to get a technically superior solution at a lower cost of ownership.”

It's much easier for a company to leverage their Windows helpdesk and Windows administrators than it is to spin up specialized staff and technically challenging synchronization between RSA's solution and Active Directory.

Just use Active Directory - it's no longer a specialized directory that few people know!

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