Tuesday, September 02, 2008

User-centric or Identity-centric or both?

Dave Kearns penned an article on the difference between user-centric and enterprise-centric identity. He right-brained a post by Kim discussing user-centric identity and a recent post by mine talking about identity consolidation and came up with this:
Enterprise-centric identity management is really all about tying together all the activities and attributes of a single entity into a readily accessible (and reportable and auditable) form. User-centric identity is about keeping various parts of your online life totally separated so that they aren’t accessible and no report can be drawn.

Kim is our identity crusader. Me? I work for the Ministry of Information...

P.S. I think the answer is that we need both.

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gpoguy said...

I cry foul on creating a verb out of "right-brain". I think that counts as "unnecessary roughness on the English language in the Internet age"

Matt Pollicove said...

I've been thinking more on this. I'm wondering if there's not a private and public identity with different but potentially related uses. I've put some thoughts here: http://idm-thoughtplace.blogspot.com/2008/09/centric-identity.html