Friday, August 22, 2008

Quest receives another SAP certification!

On Monday (8/18) we successfully passed our SAP certification test for our Vintela Single Signon for NetWeaver product. This was a significant milestone for us. In addition to being our second SAP certification - the other one was for Vintela Authentication Services - we now can offer our customers a complete, client-less SSO solution for their SAP environments no matter how they access their SAP systems: SAPGui (the traditional thick, desktop-based client) and NetWeaver (the thin, browser-based client).

In my first post on this topic I stated why having an SAP certification was so important:
It's important because if you are using a component that interoperates with SAP and it is not certified then SAP will not support you if you call in with a problem.

I can't tell you how many customers actually take this certification to heart. No certification = no sale. Now we can move forward with a packaged solution for any SAP customer that ties their Active Directory identity and credential to SAP regardless of how they access SAP.

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