Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Privileged Account Management - New release of our SafeKeeping product

One of the most exciting products we picked up as part of our acquisition of PassGo was their SafeKeeping product. Basically, the elevator pitch on SafeKeeping is:

Quest SafeKeeping delivers a powerful solution for the management of shared administrative account credentials. When an administrator needs the administrative credential, SafeKeeping ensures security and manageability by providing a secure, automated mechanism for the request, authorization, release, and change of these administrative account logins.

At the end of this week we will release version 5.1 of SafeKeeping. The significant enhancements include:

  • Extended target platform support, via a choice of either SSH or Synchronization Agents for communication with SafeKeeping
  • Enhanced Group administration
  • Enhanced System Status page
  • Enhanced Pending Requests page
  • Enhanced User Authentication, providing support for two-factor authentication
  • Enhanced timezone management
  • Enhanced network configuration
  • New Password Policies
  • New Email Templates
  • New System Log
I think the most important enhancement is that we have more than tripled SafeKeeping's platform support which includes support for Windows Server 2008. My hat is off to Alex Binotto the product manager for SafeKeeping and the whole team in our Ilminster (UK) office. You guys all rock.

p.s. To Udi and Richard at Cyber-ark: We're getting closer guys!

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