Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11, 2008 - Links and Commentary

Pussy likes pizza
I guess I did start a storm with my post where I stated that the metadirectory was dead. I always enjoy Ian Yip's view of things!

Directory versus Virtual Directory
Jeff is bang on!!! This is not about meta-directory versus virtual directory. This is about directory versus virtual directory! Also, as I have pointed out in the past: Keep an eye on ApacheDS (and Alex) - these guys are going places.

Identity Management as a Service
From the founders of Securant comes Symplified - very interesting, but can they do it? I love their home page and graphic: "The Identity Revolution is On Demand"

Ex-Microsoft exec Maritz is new VMware CEO

When I saw this I said "wow". Maritz was still at Microsoft when I joined in 1999 and he was definitely a sharp guy. At the time he was a Senior Vice-President and ran the server division - if memory serves me. It'll be interesting to see what he brings to VMWare! Mary Jo Foley discusses this further in her blog post: "Look who's running VMWare now"

Go Green!
Want to be green? Save power? Reduce your carbon footprint? Install this - much easier than virtualizing!

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1 comment:

Billy Bosworth said...

i wonder if the vmware move wasn't, in fact, *because* he knows MSFT so well. I haven't read the linked article yet, so this point may be already made. But clearly hyper-v an SCOM are among their biggest obstacles. Who better than someone who knows their tactics.