Friday, June 13, 2008

Quest ActiveRoles Server Integration with IBM Tivoli Identity Manager

After a lot of work at both Quest and IBM we have managed to get a "Ready for Tivoli e-Business Software" certification. We've seen more and more customers building a "tiered" identity infrastructure where they might have an identity framework - like Tivoli Identity Manager - and want to couple that with a best-of-breed solution for Windows and Active Directory like Quest's ActiveRoles Server. TIM allows you can effectively manage identities across your whole enterprise while benefiting from Quest's specialized Active Directory expertise while also enabling the consolidation of your Unix and Linux identities via Vintela Authentication Services.

Details below...

Quest Software has partnered with IBM to create a validated solution that helps facilitate and improve IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) deployments to maximize efficiency, security, and compliance. This solution leverages an already-deployed Active Directory infrastructure in conjunction with ITIM. The solution enables ITIM to manage user accounts within Active Directory through Quest ActiveRoles Server via SPML 2.0 (Service Provisioning Markup Language - an Oasis International Standard).

Through this tiered approach, ITIM deployments can proceed quicker and more simply by delivering deeper ITIM-based identity administration for the Windows/AD environment. It enables a single connection to Active Directory to achieve codeless provisioning and management of Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services accounts (AD LDS, formerly ADAM), and any Active Directory-enabled application. This approach can also benefit any Unix, Linux, or Mac system as well as a number of enabled applications that have been brought into the Active Directory "trusted realm" through Quest's identity integration technologies (Vintela Authentication Services and Vintela Single Sign-on for Java), further eliminating the need to build and maintain unique ITIM connectors and manage identity individually across the wide spectrum of platforms and applications.

Benefits of the combined Quest/Tivoli solution include:

  • Decreased time and cost for ITIM implementation

  • Wizard-driven configuration (out-of-the-box)

  • Pre-built SPML integration

  • No need to build and maintain connectors to Unix, Linux, Java, and Mac operating systems

  • Streamlining of on-going management because identities are managed through Active Directory and subject to rules and roles defined through Quest ActiveRoles Server

  • Quest's Active Directory management and identity integration solutions are:
    Easy to deploy - Codeless provisioning of Active Directory-based identity lifecycle management

  • Automated account creation in Active Directory with no custom code to maintain

  • Advanced/automated group management that supports segregation of duties

  • Approval workflow and attestation over group memberships

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