Monday, June 09, 2008

Password Chart

Interesting post over at Ian Yip's blog titled "Paranoid About Your Passwords?"

Ian points us to this web site: They have a tool that allows you to enter a phrase to generate a password chart. You also enter your desired password and this gives you the string to type in that is "complex". Rather than remember your complex password you just remember your chart phrase and type in your easy to remember password to generate your complex/hard password.

For example, the passphrase I tried was: thisisreallyinteresting

Then I typed in my easy-to-remember password: bozo

...and the output was: pLTP8sKLTP

Which I would use, for example, as my Active Directory password. "bozo" is certainly easier to remember than: pLTP8sKLTP

...but is pLTP8sKLTP easier to type than "bozo"?

Interesting concept but what do I do when I forget "bozo"? You know that I will.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

These are great passwords, the only problem is trying to remember all of these original passwords. Considering the average internet user has 25 accounts, that means 25 unique passwords to remember! Not so easy!

I work for Passpack which is an online password manager. Passpack creates original passwords for you and stores them in one secure place.

We have just released our Beta 6 version which makes managing your accounts faster than ever.

Hope it helps!