Friday, May 30, 2008

The Many Faces of Single Sign-on

Aberdeen Research just published a research brief that shows organizations are supporting far too many passwords, which leads to weakened security, inconvenienced end users, and increased cost of management and support.

Several approaches are available to help companies work towards the ideal of a single sign-on, including directory synchronization, password synchronization, enterprise single sign-on, web access management, and identity federation. The brief leverages the findings of recent Aberdeen research on user authentication to provide insights into the factors that should influence selection among these different approaches to a common problem.

What's the upshot of the research?

The Good: Nearly half of the respondents have deployed at least one stronger, non-password method of user authentication.

The Bad: Nearly nine out of 10 enterprise users have multiple work-related passwords.

The Ugly: Nearly two-thirds of the respondents stated they do not require that passwords be changed!

Lots of other great statistics and what enterprises are doing to solve these problems is in the report - including how many customers want to standardize authentication around Active Directory.

Check it out!

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