Monday, May 12, 2008

The Last Templar in Montreal

I'm visiting customers in Montréal and from my hotel room noticed a bunch of NYPD police cars parked alongside a church. Curiosity overcame me and I walked over to see what was up and snapped a bunch of pictures (click a pic above to see the album).

Turns out they are filming parts of the NBC mini-series "The Last Templar" here in Montréal. It's starring Mira Sorvino and Omar Sharif. Maybe I'll see them around town?!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I walked by that this morning and I was all excited because I thought "Oh! Mary Queen of the World Cathedral is having an exhibit!, it's probably free. I'm totally going to see that." And then I noticed that they had blocked out Marie Reine du Monde with those purple bannerd and there was a red carpet, and then I realised that it was all in english and I was so disappointed to see that it was for a movie. I was so happy that a run down church like Mary Queen of the World was doing something like that. Well... hopefully it's making them some money.