Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Control access by privileged users

There was a review recently in Network World on this topic.

Privileged IT staffers literally holds the keys to the castle. Access to those keys that open the doors to critical operating system and application resources must be carefully managed and legally audited. Enter the class of products referred to as privilege account management wares.

Quest Software's "Privilege Manager for Unix" was one of the products reviewed along with products from Cyber-Ark, e-DMZ and Symark. While Quest wasn't the winner of the review I can assure you that we're working to narrow the gap against all of our competitors.

This is a space I intend to be #1 in thank you very much. For example, we have a swap-out program around Symark. We'll swap in full production Privilege Manager licenses to replace all existing Symark PowerBroker license instances as long as the prospect is an existing Symark PowerBroker customer, and commits to a complete replacement of PowerBroker.

The detailed review of our product can be found here.

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