Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Orleans Product Management Meeting

Last week the Quest Active Directory and identity and access management teams spent three beautiful days in New Orleans. I was particularly happy to visit New Orleans since I had not been there since Katrina and I was happy have Quest meet there and, in our own way, support the local economy.

We had a couple of days of training followed by a day of team meetings. Our guest of honor on day three was Earl Perkins from Gartner. Earl came in to talk to us about his views on the identity management market. I think we challenged Earl in a number of areas and had some great "back and forth" with him. I know our team appreciated having Earl come by and talk with us. Earl, we really appreciated having you spend time with us - thank you, sir!

We spent the rest of the day talking about authorization, web single sign-on, common engineering practices and demoing some of the integration that has been accomplished between the Quest and recently acquired PassGo products.

One of my colleagues visited the gallery of his favorite artist and further contributed to the local economy by purchasing one of his original works! The stars aligned because the artist hadn't titled the piece yet so Shawn requested that he call it "Shawn's Place". Congrats on your first acquisition, Shawn!

Lots of cool stuff happening around the product lines. I wish we could get stuff out faster!

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