Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The perils of broken de-provisioning processes...

Interesting ComputerWorld story (Dec 17 issue) on page 36 - "Backing Up on Autoforward". Basically, the story is about an executive who left the company and for two months her e-mail continued to be autoforwarded to her - after joining a competitor!

The author identified the problem pretty directly:

We have a couple of problems. The first is that our employee termination proc­ess is broken. Ideally, we would have an identity management tool tied into our various enterprise systems. When an employee left the company, all access to our infrastructure and applications would be quickly removed. Unfortunately, we have neither the budgetary nor the human resources to do that.

I'd say that's a problem! I wonder if they have budget now?

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Anonymous said...

Mind you, at least it's another useful anecdote to use at seminars and workshops. I was getting tired of the old chestnut about the former contractor who kept his VPN connection and sub-let it to provide Internet access to people in his apartment block.