Saturday, December 08, 2007

New York City and Food Poisoning

As I mentioned previously I visited New York City last week to meet with customers and partners. I'll post about those meetings next week but thought I'd post about my first experience with food poisoning. Why? The ensuing dialog - after the fact - with some of our local sales execs:

Sales dude: "Let's go down to the cafe and get some pizza."

Jackson (in a stage whisper): "Yah, they'll give you food poisoning like they gave me. It's included in the price."

Sales dudes all board the down elevator with me: "What happened?"

Jackson: "I ordered a peppered turkey sandwich with mayo and spent the night feeling like I was going to die."

Sales dude: "You ordered an already prepared sandwich out of the case or you had them make one in front of you?"

Jackson: "One from the case."

Sales dudes (all laughing): "Of course you got food poisoning! You don't get an already prepared sandwich from a New York City deli, you get one freshly made in front of your eyes. Where are you from anyway?"

Jackson (sheepishly): "Seattle"

Sales dude: "Oh, from the country, eh? First trip to the City? Welcome to New York."

Sales dude (as elevator door opens) to other sales dudes: "So it's to the cafe then for their freshly made pizza. Jackson, you up for a slice?" (insert sales dudes laughter here)

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Anonymous said...

This info is good for all of us who travel to the city :-)