Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Quest helping federal federation initiatives

If you carefully read this Quest press release you'll see the word federation used. I just wanted to point it out to you because you probably either didn't read the press release or if you did you may have missed that word entirely (I did).

Lockheed-Martin is enabling federation of a B-2-B application that is built on SAP. They be using a number of our Vintela products to enable the scenario. It's pretty cool stuff - maybe someday they'll let us publish a case study about it. Of course, it's all Active Directory integrated...

The contract will support a Lockheed Martin identity convergence initiative and serve as guidelines towards working with federated identity infrastructures as the U.S. defense contracting community collaborates on identity management in future Department of Defense initiatives. - Emphasis is mine.

I also liked the fact it was a $2.3M sale but that's another story, eh?!

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