Saturday, November 03, 2007

Identity Management and Photography

Ian Glazer asks a couple of really interesting questions about identity management and photography in his recent post titled "Identity Management and Photography". Like the best questions they are hard to answer because they are "core" - at least core to me. This post is just to say that I believe there is some sort of link, Ian.

There are a bunch of people in the greater identity management world who would consider themselves amateur photographers. I wonder if there is commonality of photography and IdM that practitioners of both find compelling.

Anyone else want to sound off?

p.s. My photos usually end up here:

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Anonymous said...

I never gave any thought to the relationship between IdM and photography.

My pictures are at

Dave Kearns said...

I do take pictures ( but the only photographer in this house is the one who sleeps with me ( - and she's a biochemist who barely understands the whole IdM concept!