Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Matt Flynn's Identity Management Blog: Surviving an Identity Audit

Check out Matt Flynn's Identity Management Blog: Surviving an Identity Audit and Matt's associated white paper on this topic. Good reading. There's not enough info on how identity and identity audits in particular map to compliance - despite the fact that compliance is a big driver/stick for getting your identity house in order. (You need to overlook the commercial reference at the end of Matt's whitepaper. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to support our employer in our writings.)

Identity audit solutions reduce organizational risk by providing reports and monitoring of the identity systems which grant or deny system access and the user accounts empowered to act within the environment. Having effective audit and monitoring in place also has the additional benefit of acting as a deterrent for system users who might otherwise attempt to subvert policy.

While flipping through the channels tonight I happened across an old favorite - "The Exorcist". I was reminded of that famous line "The Power of Christ" while I read Matt's whitepaper where he talks about the "Power of Identity". Unfortunately, it was the Catholic priests at my school that forbade us to see The Exorcist that made us run out to see it immediately (of course).

Matt, maybe you should forbid people from reading your whitepaper? Nice work.

See you at the Gartner conference?

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