Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An extensible admin console based on PowerShell

It's PowerGUI. We released a new version last night and you can see the excitement in my friend Dmitry Sotnikov's email that he sent out...

Yesterday night we put PowerGUI 1.0.11 on the downloads page, I posted the announcement on my blog, and (eventually after my wife started threatening me with divorce) went to bed.

Today when I came to the office PowerGUI went well over 25K downloads – 500+ of which happened during the night, and my blog is having the best day ever with 1000+ visits already.

There are quite a few references on the web:

We are in the middle of incredible growth – the one we never had before, and I think in retrospect this is basically because a few factors played together in a perfect storm:

  • We implemented a great feature – lightweight PowerShell editor – and significantly improved it thanks to internal feedback.
  • We pre-announced the feature right before the weekend. This generated interest and made people wait for what was coming.
  • The catchy name of the announcement – Notepad for PowerShell – helped as well.
  • Good execution by the team on all sides: listening to feedback, implementing well, setting up perfect guerrilla marketing.
There are loads of videos, documentation, cmdlets and a community that are contributing to this free tool. If you haven't checked it out yet you should...

P.S. It keeps getting better: 2,000 blog hits and almost a 1,000 downloads at this point today!

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