Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome Symark to the ever expanding integration club...

Symark just announced that they are now going to integrate Unix/Linux machines with Active Directory - welcome! That's four companies in the club now:

1. Vintela - now Quest (we shipped in 2002)
2. Centrify
3. Centeris
4. Symark

In that order, too. Sorry TK, you tell people you were first but you weren't.

Normally, I don't blog about competitor's announcements but I had to laugh at this quote:
Jeff Nielsen, a product manager at Symark, cited several differentiating factors that he believes set Symark apart. "We took a Unix and Linux approach [to PowerADvantage]," Nielsen said. "All administration of the product can be done from the Linux and Unix command line; we wanted to make sure [IT managers] could work in the environment they like."

That's your differentiator? We've been doing that since inception:

Vintela Authentication Services also provides a powerful command line tool that have been designed for use (and scripting) by Unix administrators for managing Active Directory user and group information. These command line tools can be used from scripting environments or from Web backends. With Active Directory's advanced access control mechanisms, it is easy to allow Unix administrators to continue to manage just the Unix account information for users and groups. In addition, the functionality available from the command line is also available through an MMC-based graphical user interface.

Jeff, feel free to download an evaluation of VAS - see for yourself. Oh, and good luck!

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gpoguy said...

Symark huh? Gee I wonder who gave them that idea? :)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Unknown said...

Yah, I wonder.

At this rate I am going to be blushing beet red thanks to all the flattery! Who will be #5?!