Friday, September 14, 2007


I took a lot of pictures since I have arrived here in Dresden. Click on the photo below to see them all.

Dresden, Germany

I was shocked when I found out we were having a user conference in Dresden. Mainly because I realized that Dresden was in the former "East Germany" and that it was also the scene of what a friend from the UK described as a "war crime committed by Britain and the US". Here's an interesting quote from Wikipedia:

The bombing of Dresden by the Royal Air Force and by the United States Army Air Force between February 13 and February 15, 1945, remains one of the more controversial Allied actions of that war. The inner city of Dresden was heavily destroyed during what proved to be the final weeks of war in Europe.

So, I expected to arrive in a Soviet-era type city that wasn't - how shall I say it? - in very good shape. Boy, was I surprised.

Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Germany has done an amazing job re-constructing the city - something that continues even today. In fact, I was told by a German that a significant portion of their tax is allocated to rebuilding the former East Germany. What a great job they have done.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Dresden do so. You won't be sorry.

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Dave Kearns said...

We spent a day in the former East Germany last summer ( and, like you, were surprised at how very nice it was, as were all the people we met. Even the lady on the beach at Kuhlungsborn who decided to remove her bathing suit to dry off (and me without a camera!) :(