Monday, August 13, 2007

The I-5 Clog Blog

For Seattleites who are putting up with major traffic disruptions due to the closure of most/many lanes of I-5 that runs through the heart of Seattle (and to/from the airport!) there's a blog you can check out for the latest. It's aptly called "The Clog" and is run by the folks at the Seattle Times.

The Clog, a blog on all things I-5 construction, will be your one-stop shop during the closure. It offers the latest news and updates, tips on alternate routes and transit, maps and gives you a chance to share your tales from the road. Check back for updates and read what others are saying.

I have a 6AM flight tomorrow morning and my car service wanted to pick me up at 3:25AM and I am only 30 minutes from the airport - the horror!

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