Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, next week is Burton Group's famous Catalyst conference. I've been going to this conference since their 1996 Colorado Springs event - 10 years without missing a single one. I started when I was with Zoomit, then continued to attend when I was with Microsoft, then Vintela and last year with Quest Software.

But this year I'm not going. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1999 I've always wanted to go fishing in Alaska. I finally booked a trip early last year and unfortunately it turned out that Catalyst conflicted once they announced the dates. Looks like my record is broken.

I'm heading off to Sitka tomorrow to hook up with our hosts Captain Tom and Chuck at Angling Unlimited. We'll be fishing for Alaskan halibut and King Salmon. If all goes well, the new freezer I bought will receive 100-150lbs of this stuff when I get back next Thursday.

There's lots of pictures to be taken, tall tales to be told and fish to be caught! Wish me luck and give my regards to the Catalyst gang...

Do you think they have wi-fi up there?!

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