Saturday, May 05, 2007

Never Give Up, Never Stop Trying: 7 Points To Success

We had a motivational speaker on the last day of Quest Software's Club 2006 trip. I didn't have any expectations that Rulon Gardner was going to rock my boat - but he did. After all, what was an Olympic wrestler going to teach me?

Well, I can tell you that Rulon certainly humbled me. Not only was he an amazing speaker but here's a guy that won a couple of medals at the Olympics, cheated death not once but twice and is now living his dream of teaching kids and giving back to society. He regularly turns down million dollar offers to wrestle on TV because his passion is teaching kids that they should never give up and never stop trying.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Rulon speak grab it. Next time you walk into Barnes and Noble or electronically stroll through pick up a copy of his book "Never Stop Pushing" and enjoy the ride.

What an amazing man. What an inspiration.

p.s. The image above is myself, Rulon and my wife Kathie getting the treatment from Rulon!

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