Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BizTalk & ILM

You've probably heard that ILM - Identity Lifecycle Manager - is coming from Microsoft. ILM 2007 just released. ILM has connectors to a pile of systems like Lotus Notes, SAP, mainframes, LDAP directories, Novell, Oracle, etc.

On April 24 a new version of BizTalk was released. This release includes "identity services" which are defined as "authentication access control and federated identity support; based on the WS-Trust specification". Of course, BizTalk also supports workflow services. Oh, and BizTalk has a pile of connectors to systems like SAP, mainframes, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.

Two products, both similiar and also dissimiliar. Each having parts the other doesn't (e.g., MIIS does password synchronization while BizTalk does single sign-on). Both products are managed out of the same group at Microsoft.

What's the chance that they might be combined sometime in the future?? That might yield an interesting product: Legacy single sign-on, provisioning, password synchronization, password management, workflow services and connectors to a ton of systems. Interesting...

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