Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hello?? Anyone awake in there??

I've been purposefully ignoring this message as my passive/aggressive protest against the vendor who not only builds a federation product but also has built CardSpace. Either of which could be used so I don't have to remember yet another password that I have clearly already forgotten!

Well, dear Extranet Management Tool Team, "Shaw, Jackson," will not be contacting his sponsor (I feel like an alcoholic), his sponsorship manager or his sponsor delegate to get his account "Unfrozen".

Thanks, but no thanks.

p.s. Feel free to delete the account right now or, preferably, to stop sending me messages daily reminding me that I have a bad memory...

p.p.s. A number of interesting comments about this post over at Kim Cameron's blog - check them out!

Shaw, Jackson,

The account issued to Partners\JaShaw has been set to the status "Frozen". This account is now disabled and can no longer be used to access the system.

To re-enable this account, you will need to contact your Sponsor, Sponsorship Manager, or Sponsor Delegate to reset the account. If this account is not enabled by 04/18/2007 it will be deleted from the system.

For assistance, please contact your administrator, site owner or the Helpdesk.

Thank you,

The Extranet Management Tool Team
Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP)

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