Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'll have the single sign-on with a side of car crash...

I had a nice lunch today with Andy Sakalian of Version3. They've built some pretty good Web single sign-on software that has good traction in the education market. They are also building out their products into some new areas including SharePoint and support for ADAM.

Interesting to hear that they really don't see anyone implementing ADFS but when they do see it happening it's usually accompanied by a lot of teeth gnashing and a costly services engagement. I really think Microsoft has missed the boat on ADFS. There is no SharePoint "out-of-the-box" scenario that supports ADFS. Andy says that they are getting asked about interoperability with SAML which doesn't surprise me.

Anyway, we had a nice lunch despite the fact that it started off with someone running into the side of my car before we got to the restaurant. No one was hurt fortunately. No airbags were deployed but you can see the passenger side of the car - where Andy was sitting - was pretty much wrecked. Andy had to crawl over the driver's seat to get out of the car as both doors are unopenable.

Dude, sorry I had to make you sit in the back on the way back to Microsoft. That smell back there is from my standard Poodle so at least it's a French perfumey type smell...

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