Monday, February 12, 2007

Quest Scores an A+ in Password Management from Manteca Unified School District

Nice press release today about Quest Password Manager being deployed by Manteca Unified School District. Self-service tools are the fastest way to get ROI around your identity management project.

Manteca Unified School District has successfully implemented Quest's Password Manager solution to automate its password management activities and processes. Supporting a widespread Windows-based user community of 1,800 employees across 30 sites, Manteca's IT department was spending a considerable portion of its time resetting forgotten passwords. Forrester Research reports that for many companies, password resets are the most common type of call, often constituting 30% to 50% of all calls. Quest Password Manager allowed the school district to increase IT efficiency by immediately resolving 25 percent of its password management issues.

"Password Manager efficiently addresses our help desk issues, without over complicating what we needed," said Sean Colt, director of IT at Manteca Unified School District. "Quest's roadmap with Password Manager perfectly matches our direction toward Microsoft Vista. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Quest and expect to achieve full ROI from our Password Manager purchase in less than one year."

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