Thursday, February 08, 2007

Omada's Identity Manager

I had a personal demo of Omada's Identity Manager product which sits on top of Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS). Really interesting product that makes setting up workflows and business processes really easy - nearly trivial. It also enables roles based access control; again via MIIS. Even though I had to bite my tongue a number of times during the demo - I wanted to make some pretty strong suggestions regarding the product - I think it's pretty neat. I really like the fact that Omada uses SharePoint as their interface.

If you have MIIS you should take a look at Omada's product. It is pretty cool.

But if I were them I'd add...and I'd change, bite bite bite... (sorry).

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Richard Blackham said...

Thanks Jackson. Please don't be afraid to come forward and speak your mind :-) Next time, breakfast's on me.