Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Microsoft/Novell interop news

In a previous post I mentioned that there were no real details on the directory interoperability that Microsoft and Novell were working on. Sam Ramji from Microsoft blogged details about this over at Port25.

Directory and Identity: Directory interoperability is the basis of identity interoperability - directories contain the structure and content that provides the raw material for identity. Through our ongoing testing in the lab, Microsoft and Novell will improve directory and identity interop between Active Directory and eDirectory, using open specifications such as WS-Federation and WS-Security.

Does that mean Novell will specifically build in support for WS-Federation and WS-Security into products like iChain? Maybe.

Does it mean they'll drop their own independent (i.e., SAML, Liberty) efforts? Doubtful.

Does it help SuSe Linux clients or servers join an Active Directory domain? No.

I do wonder about the phrase "such as" though. What does that mean? That maybe open specifications such as Kerberos and LDAP will be supported?

People, such as me, wonder.

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