Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quest Beats Microsoft?! And BMC, HP and RedHat!

As I sat flying to Paris on Sunday I was reviewing some of our business plans and came across IDC's analysis of the Identity and Access Management market by vendor for 2003-2005. I don't know why I didn't notice this before but Quest was ranked #18 in a pretty large field. According to IDC our revenue in 2005 was $32.7M. The most interesting aspect of the numbers wasn't our showing at #18 but the fact that Microsoft is #19, BMC is #21, HP is #25 and RedHat is #30.

The comical thing about these numbers is that I spent nearly six years at Microsoft working on building up their presence as an IAM vendor and I end up at a company that until recently barely considered itself part of this market yet is ranked higher than Microsoft. As also noted, we beat out BMC, HP and RedHat, too. Amazing.

Well, I hope with our 2006 results we maintain our impressive position and maybe even move up a rank or two!

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