Monday, January 15, 2007

Quest 2007 North American kickoff event

Quest Software is holding it's North American kickoff in Anaheim, CA at DisneyLand. It started today and finishes on Wednesday. A lot of great sessions today. Vinny Smith (on the left in the picture) and Doug Garn's (right) session on the 2006 highlights (and lowlights) was really good. No specific financial numbers given but I think as a company we did well. Forbes somehow had this information long before I did, not sure how but you can see their coverage of how they think Quest did in Q4 and on the year here.

I can't state the specific numbers for my Active Directory products but I will say that for 2006 we were up a lot. It's just freakin' amazing to see how well we did. I've really got a great team. So all I can say to a certain competitor of ours (aka "Company G") is:

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

What makes me really happy is to see that a lot of Quest's top deals were Microsoft products and Quest's biggest deal ever was mostly composed of Microsoft products. The commission check that got handed out for that deal was over $500K - congrats Patrick (and team), you deserved that one!

This year we invited many of our key partners to kickoff. There were some great presentations today from Microsoft, Dell and Accenture. It's really great to see how much work we are doing together with so many great partners. Lots of fun with the Quest Idol contest and we even had William Hung come in for a bit of singing and signing autographs.

More sessions tomorrow. We get to go into a bit more detail on plans for 2007. I have to leave really early (2AM!) Wednesday morning to get to LAX for an early flight to Salt Lake City so I'll miss the last day unfortunately.

Next week I'm off to Paris (DisneyLand Europe) for kickoff in Europe and a customer roundtable on Friday. More on both those next week.

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Anonymous said...

"The commission check that got handed out for that deal was over $500K"

NOBODY deserves that kind of $$$ for selling software.